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Tenchu: Shadow Assassins

Tenchu: Shadow Assassins
ConsolePlayStation Portable
PublisherFromSoftware, Inc.
DeveloperFromSoftware, Inc.
GenreAction, Adventure, Stealth

Description :

From the creators of the original Tenchu, the best-selling and highest-rated in the Tenchu series, Tenchu: Shadow Assassins lets gamers master the deadly techniques of a real ninja on the PSP system. Tenchu: Shadow Assassins provides an authentic experience to fight, dash, jump and kill like a true ninja. Tenchu: Shadow Assassins continues the saga of Rikimaru and Ayame, elite ninjas who must use their lethal skills to keep the peace in feudal Japan. With much blood shed throughout their master's land, Rikimaru and Ayame must unmask the face of the enemy behind a treacherous kidnapping. Fight your way through dangerous territory and complete thrilling missions as the ultimate ninja.