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Summon Night 5

Summon Night 5
ConsolePlayStation Portable
PublisherBandai Namco Games, Gaijinworks
ReleasedMay 16, 2013

Description :

The world of Summon Night changed dramatically for this entry. Now the medieval setting changed completely to a more contemporary world mixed with many of the other cultures and tribes already present in other Summon Night games. The stage for this title is the city of Savorle, a model city in this new era where people from all the different world can coexist. However, its to be expected that with so many different mindsets and opinions, conflicts would happen. That is when the protagonist enter. The player can once more choose between a male – Folth – or a female – Arca. Being a summoner working for the Eucross organization, the protagonist has to solve many cases to protect the city and its citizens. The player also has 4 partners to choose from. Those characters are the lead’s adopted brother/sister and they fight together forming the new pact called Cross and using the new “Summon Resonance”.