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Description :

Split/Second is a TV show all about cars, destruction and explosions and they are always looking for new participants. For the twelve episodes of the new season, they hire the player to be one of the eighth drivers and perhaps even become the next champion. It is an arcade-focused racing game with fake-named sport cars inspired by real-world cars. But instead of just racing around the tracks and trying to be first just by driving better, everyone has access to a power play bar. By doing drifts, drafting (driving in the slipstream of another car), jumping or avoiding an activated power play, the three sections of the bar fill up. While the first two are used to activate two level one power plays, filling up the third gives the player access to a level two power play. Besides the normal races the game features several other game modes like Destruction in which the player has to get to the finish line as fast as possible while every power play on the track is automatically triggered. Air Strike on the other hand requires the player to dodge missiles shot by a helicopter flying ahead. The mode Air Revenge takes this even further, allowing the player to return those missiles to their origin. There are also Time Trial events where are all power play are triggered automatically and Elimination where the last driver of the pack is eliminated from the race after set time intervals. The game features a split-screen-mode for two players as well as online multiplayer for up to eight players with three different game modes available.