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Mega Man Powered Up

Mega Man Powered Up
ConsolePlayStation Portable
GenreAction, Platform

Description :

Mega Man is one of the series that has been released for a long time, the first time it was released was 1987 produced for NES. This game quickly created a fever in the gaming community when only provided a minimal amount to contribute. With this success, this series has officially been released a lot of other game parts for players to experience. This series has many different versions with more than 50 versions; this is also the series with the most number of versions released. Among those more than 50 different versions, there is a very prominent name; that is, Mega Man Powered Up was released on the PSP platform. This game has a lot of differences compared to the elder and even its juniors for players to experience. When it was launched on the PSP platform in 2005, it did not take too long for the game to become one of the most appreciated names. Until now, still many people who think that this is one of the greatest games of the PSP.

New style graphics:
First, let’s talk about the graphics format of the game; the character of the game has a 3D form but is based on 2D for players to experience. The main character of the game will be highlighted to players to feel the authentic 3D graphics of the game. Next is the character design part of the game; this game has a different design style than many games, which is to use the Chibi style to design. Everything from characters to villains is created in this style to make the game unique. This design style is also rarely repeated in pretty games, so it seems to have become a feature of this game.

Fight with bosses:
Like many other games, in this game, the player will have to confront the bosses to be able to complete the assigned task. Players will follow specific orders to destroy the boss and receive their power. Players can use the power of this boss to counter the other boss, as the fire will counteract ice. So players need to have a reasonable order to be able to complete the game quickly.