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Madden NFL 08

Madden NFL 08
ConsolePlayStation Portable
PublisherEA Sports
DeveloperElectronic Arts Canada
ReleasedAug 14, 2007

Description :

Madden NFL 08 is the third iteration of the series on the PSP. Based closely on the previous year's version, it includes most of its modes while adding a new one, and also incorporates some of the new features seen in the console versions. Returning modes include "play now", franchise (with a redesigned interface), practice, and mini-camp. Last year's "End 2 End" mini game is replaced by the new "Superstar Challenge" mode. It presents players with a number of real situations from games from the 2006 NFL season, asking them to replicate star players' moves like making last-minute touchdowns or long passes. The new "weapon" system from the consoles has made it to this version, allowing players to quickly scan for mismatches at the line. Returning features are ad-hoc and online multiplayer and connectivity to the PS2 version, allowing franchises to transfer between the platforms.