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Hellboy: The Science of Evil

Hellboy: The Science of Evil
ConsolePlayStation Portable
DeveloperBig Ant Studios
ReleasedJun 24, 2008

Description :

Hellboy: The Science of Evil is the second game adaptation of Mike Mignola's popular comic book character (now also featured in films and an animated series). The story is unique to the game, and sees Hellboy travel through six different settings as he tracks down the evil Von Klempt. Hellboy faces his familiar enemies including various demons and Nazi creations. The game features brawler style action, with some puzzle and story elements interspersed throughout. In The Science of Evil, Hellboy has several abilities that set him apart from the standard brawler character, including the ability to pick up and wield many environmental objects such as barrels and debris from structures knocked down with his Right Hand of Doom. He can also grapple enemies to finish them off one-on-one, or use them as projectiles. Team up with a friend and attempt six co-op multiplayer levels over ad-hoc WiFi. These levels are derived from the single-player campaign, but have been shortened and re-worked to provide a set of two-player puzzles. Scores are tracked individually – so it doesn't have to be completely co-operative. Hellboy: The Science of Evil was also released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, however the PSP version is not a port of that game. The story elements and characters are similar, but the PSP features a unique combat system, different AI and a new level layout more suited to the handheld environment.