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Gretzky NHL 06

Gretzky NHL 06
ConsolePlayStation Portable
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
DeveloperPage 44 Studios
ReleasedOct 4, 2005

Description :

Gretzky NHL 06 for PSP is a hockey game endorsed by legendary player Wayne Gretzky. Released only six months after the previous PSP game, this version comes with updated rosters and several features taken from the PS2 version, but has its own selection of modes. Returning modes include single games and a full season. The new chemistry feature makes its way over from the PS2, influencing players' stats depending on how well they interact with each other. Also seen on the PS2 is the "Wayne vs Wayne" mode, in which the two competing teams build up their "99 meter". When full, The Great One himself joins the team as an extra player for a short time. In addition to single games, this mode can also be played in the PSP-exclusive NHL Showdown mode, which is a ladder against all NHL teams, with the finale against a team of five Gretzkys. Another exclusive mode is called "3 on 3 Countdown". It is an arcade mode, with only three players per team on the field, without any of the regular rules, and the winner being the team that reaches a set score first. Online multiplayer, both ad hoc and via infrastructure, also return, as do the Gretzky Challenges: by earning points through in-game achievements, players can unlock bonuses like alternate and vintage uniforms and new gameplay features and modes. Unlike the previous PSP game, Gretzky 06 features color and play-by-play commentary by Mike Emrick and Darren Pang.