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Family Guy Video Game!

Family Guy Video Game!
ConsolePlayStation Portable
Publisher2K Games, BulkyPix
DeveloperHigh Voltage Software
GenreAction, Adventure, Fighting, Platform, Shooter, Stealth
ReleasedOct 17, 2006

Description :

The Griffin family from Fox's animated TV series makes its way to video gaming for the first time. In this action-adventure, which runs like an episode from the show, players control Peter, Brian and Stewie through various goals and adventures. After being hit on the head by a satellite dish, Peter wakes up in a hospital believing that Mr. Belvedere (from the 1980's sitcom) has kidnapped his family, and everyone in town is an accomplice. Peter makes his way through town beating up anyone who gets in his path, in a side-scrolling beat-em-up fighting mode. Brian is falsely accused of impregnating Carter Pewterschmidt's prized racing dog Seabreeze. Brian must escape the police station without being seen and collect evidence proving that he is not the father. Brian's game mode relies heavily on stealth/espionage gameplay. Stewie's battle against his half-brother Bertram continues as Stewie must destroy everything in his path to infiltrate a hospital and the inside of Peter in order to find Bertram's lair and stop him from taking over the world. Stewie's adventure takes place as a platformer action game with shooting elements. Much like the show, there are segues which translate into mini-games that will yield power-ups for each mission if completed successfully.