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Wrestle Angels Survivor

Wrestle Angels Survivor
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherSuccess Corp.
DeveloperAffect Co, Ltd., Success Corp.
ReleasedAug 24, 2006

Description :

Wrestle Angels Survivor is a wrestling management simulation and a reboot of the long-dormant Wrestle Angels series. Eschewing the involved story modes of the later PC titles, Survivor focuses on the simulation and management elements and on individual wrestlers. The player takes the part of a wrestling association president, recruiting and training wrestlers, sending them to matches and other events, and even directing them during matches. The main mode is the Association mode, where the player must build a team of wrestlers and their company from scratch. The player sets the number of rival associations, the length of the campaign in years, and the number of players — much like Super Wrestle Angels up to four players can compete against each other to see who can build the top team. The game is broken up into months, which each have an office/gym phase and an event phase. In the first phase, the player can recruit or retire wrestlers, schedule training and events, directly coach individual wrestlers, and do a variety of training and business-related tasks. In the event phase, the scheduled events are played out, including exhibition matches and tournaments, and each player can choose to either direct their wrestlers directly with a card-based battle system, or trust their training and put the battle on auto. Depending on the results of each match, the attributes and popularity of both the association and individual wrestlers will change. Other modes allow the player to set up free matches of multiple types, including Exhibition, Tournament, and League, with any of the more than 70 wrestlers in the game. There is also a gallery mode where any of the event CG images seen in Association mode can be viewed.