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Warriors of Might and Magic

Warriors of Might and Magic
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
Publisher3DO, Square Enix
Developer3DO, Square Enix
GenreAction, Adventure, MMO, Role-Playing
ReleasedMar 17, 2001

Description :

Step into the shoes of a warrior by the name of Alleron. Framed for a crime in which he did not commit he is branded with a painful mask and banished into the depths of the dungeon. Here he must fight his way out and discover the truth behind this crime. Will he save the world from destruction or will he fall at the feet of his nemesis? Warriors of Might and Magic is an action game with RPG elements set in the Might and Magic universe. The gameplay style is similar to that of Crusaders of Might and Magic. The player navigates Alleron through predominantly dungeon-like environments, fighting enemies in action-based combat, executing various melee moves (including blocking), and casting spells.