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ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
ReleasedJun 15, 2006

Description :

Tecmo presents TRAPT for the PS2, a puzzle-based game that contains a number of horror elements in its interesting storyline. The game is a continuation of the KAGERO: Deception series that began on the Playstation, but players aren't required to play the original games to understand TRAPT. The storyline begins when Princess Allura is framed for killing her father. As she flees the castle, players learn her dark secret: she's possessed by a demon known as Fiend. Fiend allows Allura to set a number of different traps to kill people, giving Fiend souls to survive off of. As the storyline progresses, players learn more about Fiend and how he came to possess the princess. The gameplay in TRAPT is very unique. As Allura, players run around the room setting traps while avoiding enemies. Once up to nine traps are set, they can be activated once an enemy is near. The traps come in a number of different types, including floor traps like bombs, wall traps like spikes, and ceiling traps like metal balls. Once players understand the system, they can start laying out traps in a way that an enemy will be hit by several at once to create a combo. Of course, it isn't quite that simple: some enemies are immune to certain traps, and some rooms contain areas where traps can't be placed. TRAPT weaves together unique characters, horror elements, and a fun, different gameplay style to create a unique game that will provide hours of challenge.