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Total Club Manager 2004

Total Club Manager 2004
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherElectronic Arts, Inc.
DeveloperElectronic Arts Deutschland GmbH
ReleasedNov 21, 2003

Description :

2004 edition for this soccer managerial game that so far has been released only for the European market. The game offers to the player the opportunity to become a every-aspect manager of a soccer team. At a first point you pick a team, hire your staff, build your tactics, develop your techniques and so on. Therefore you are ready for the matches where you have the option of fast simulation, text simulation (like CM 01/02) or a complete 3D simulation… Career Mode offers you to take a low-reputation club and turn it to a big success. New features are: "Football Fusion(tm)" allows players owning this title and "Fifa 2004" to play a manager on TCM 2004 while actually playing their team games on FIFA 2004 instead of just simulating. More leagues and teams from every place around the world. Manage National Teams at the same time that you manage your team club. Play continental cups and the World Cup. More than 10 additional stats to keep of your players best characteristics Half-time interviews allows the coach to improve the team moral. Trophies room and Hall of Fame offers you to track your achievements. Player of the month and Manager of the month awards. Improved Skill System. 3D graphics improved.