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This Is Football 2004

This Is Football 2004
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment Europe
ReleasedMar 26, 2004

Description :

If there's one thing you can't fault This Is Football 2004 on, it's scope. While other PlayStation 2 football titles are happy to concentrate on national and international teams, here the beautiful game is taken right down to grass roots, allowing you (if you wish) to seize control of a local team. You do that as part of the best feature in the game: the career mode. Here, you really can go from the very bottom to the very top, and it adds a challenging long term goal to the proceedings. It's just one example of where the game differs from the opposition, and there are plenty more. For instance, you can also try and blatantly blag a penalty by diving in the area. You can get penalised for handball. You can even take it online and test your skills. In short, there's plenty going on. TIF 2004's downfall though is that it's simply not as slick, fluid and downright playable as the competition. Both FIFA Football 2004 and especially Pro Evolution Soccer 3 offer a much more succulent marriage of gameplay and presentation than This Is Football 2004 can muster, and that does cloud its otherwise welcome merits somewhat. A mixed bag in all then. What This Is Football 2004 lacks in polish and style, it does compensate for when it comes to ideas and innovations. And if nothing else, it's testament to the quality of choice gamers are presented with that a perfectly good and enjoyable game such as this struggles to find a foothold. As it stands, This Is Football 2004 is certainly worth a try, but shouldn't be your first port of call.