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The Thing

The Thing
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherBlack Label Games
DeveloperComputer Artworks
GenreHorror, Shooter
ReleasedAug 20, 2002

Description :

During the player's investigation of the ruins of the Outpost, they will find the UFO from the film. They will also find the body of Childs, one of the survivors from the movie. Upon securing the facility, Blake is airlifted to the Norwegian research station to locate and reinforce Alpha Team after Colonel Whitely informs him that they have lost contact with the team. There Blake and his group encounter swarms of Things that slowly dwindle down his team as Blake rescues Colin and learns of a government conspiracy with Gen Inc in conducting experiments on the alien lifeforms before they began to infest the research facility. Blake learns that Whitely was behind it the whole time and even injected himself with a Cloud Virus B4 Strain. With a new group, Blake fights his way through numerous black ops and creatures before killing the transformed Whitley. The player has the assistance of a helicopter pilot, revealed to be R.J. MacReady, the hero from the original film. The ending is ambiguous, and there is speculation that MacReady is, in fact infected.