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The Ico & Shadow of Colossus: Collection

The Ico & Shadow of Colossus: Collection
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherInc., Sony Computer Entertainment America
DeveloperSCE Japan Studio, Team ICO
ReleasedDec 18, 2005

Description :

Description Shadow of the Colossus: Shadow of the Colossus is a game with a definite mark on video game history, dazzling for its beauty and epic tone. For the first time, scenarios are real and move with the giants. The plot is a masterpiece by itself – not belittling the rest of the game, of course. The protagonist is Wander, a young man who rides a horse with a godly task: to defeat sixteen giants known as Colossi (the plural of Colossus in Latin) to resurrect a girl who had been sacrificed. The beauty and tone of tragedy mark an unprecedented work of art, challenging the player with a new and smarter concept. There are no interactions, not even enemies in the mountains, but exploration is key. In this game you need to think and unravel the weakness of each of the mythical creatures. Originality is the differential. To go on, you have to scan glorious landscapes until you find a giant – this is done by using the sun's reflection on Wander's sword. Each colossus is unique, with distinct weaknesses and strengths. To defeat such breathtaking creatures, the player must be aware of the fuzz that covers certain areas of the beings' bodies, dodging and climbing it until reaching the weak point. From there, you must attack him bravely to win like a true warrior from a Greek epic. Shadow of the Colossus is magnificent! Possibly the new Odyssey or Iliad of modern times. Ico undoubtedly escapes the gaming standards of his time, leaving an almost contemplative experience, proving that through its simplicity and uniqueness it is possible to leave a mark on the history of generations of 128 bits.