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The Getaway: Black Monday

The Getaway: Black Monday
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
DeveloperTeam SOHO
GenreAction, Racing
ReleasedNov 12, 2004

Description :

It's going to be a day to remember for Sgt Mitchell. His first shift back on the MET's Organised Crime Squad begins with a dawn raid on a council estate that turns nasty. The next 48 hours will put him against the suspicions of his team mates, a new ruthless wave of crime and the most powerful man in London. Meanwhile on the other side of the city, amateur boxer Eddie O'Conner is in severe trouble. The bank job went horribly wrong, his small-time crew has been wiped out and his only ally in this whole mess is Sam, a teenage thief more comfortable with nicking laptops than gang violence. Eddie knows he's way out of his depth, now his friends are dead and somebody is going to pay…