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Super Robot Taisen Z

Super Robot Taisen Z
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherNamco Bandai

Description :

Super Robot Taisen Z is the last Super Robot Taisen game published on the Playstation 2, followed shortly after by its special disk. Like for the Alpha series, it's the first title of the Z series, that will spawn to the Playstation Portable with Super Robot Taisen Z2 (separated in two chapters), and to Playstation 3 With Super Robot Taisen Z3. In this particular version, the following series make their appearence for the first time: Super Dimensional Century Orguss, Super Heavy God Gravion, Super Heavy God Gravion Zwei, Genesis of Aquarion, Psalm of Planets Eureka Seven, Overman King Gainer, Space Warrior Baldios, Space Emperor God Sigma, The Big-O: 2nd Season. This game, like all the other Z series entries, was released in Japan only.