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Super Robot Taisen MX

Super Robot Taisen MX
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherBanpresto Co., Ltd.
DeveloperBanpresto Co., Ltd.
ReleasedMay 27, 2004

Description :

MX is also one of the few games in the franchise where the player does not have a choice of which "Banpresto Original" protagonist they can play. In this game, both original characters, Hugo Medio (voiced by Hiroki Takahashi) and Aqua Centolm (voiced by Yuri Shiratori), share the same machine, though there is still a choice of which two mechs to use: the super robot, Garmraid, or the real robot, Cerberus. Another notable change in MX is the Mobile Suit Gundam series do not partake in any of the major events of the game. Other than G Gundam, which loosely links their endings (from which the MX storyline is set after the endings, according to the events of Super Robot Wars Impact) and plots to the "Banpresto Original" storyline, the other Gundam productions almost solely exist in purpose to support the other non-Gundam titles of MX. It departs from other Super Robot Wars productions where conflicts between various Gundam factions must be taken as part of the overarching storyline. There are only 2 other games in which a Gundam entry does not take a main role. They are Super Robot Wars W for the Nintendo DS and Super Robot Wars NEO for the Nintendo Wii.