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Super Robot Taisen Impact

Super Robot Taisen Impact
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherBanpresto Co., Ltd.
DeveloperBanpresto Co., Ltd.
ReleasedMar 28, 2002

Description :

Super Robot Wars Impact marked the series's debut on the Playstation 2. It is a remake of Super Robot Wars Compact 2 Earth Crisis, Cosmoquake, and Galaxy Showdown, all of which were originally released for the Bandai Wonderswan. Battles take place on fully-3d maps, while combat sequences are animated using Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden's engine. The game follows Kyosuke Nanbu, Excellen Browning and their teammates as they battle various factions, including the alien Einsts. The first chapter features Kyosuke and the Earth team led by Dancougar's Kotaru Hazuki, while the second chapter features Excellen and the space team led by Gundam's Bright Noa. The teams unite in the third and final chapter. Mobile Fighter G Gundam and Martian Successor Nadesico are added to the game's roster in Impact, along with a new original villainness.