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Super Dragon Ball Z

Super Dragon Ball Z
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
DeveloperArika, Crafts & Meister
ReleasedJun 29, 2006

Description :

Based on the arcade game developed by Crafts & Meister (whose team members include former Street Fighter producer Noritaka Funamizu) Super Dragon Ball Z is a cel-shaded fighter featuring your favorite Dragon Ball characters. Each character has their own special abilities, such as Frieza making use of warps and Trunks using his sword. The game uses a four button setup: two buttons are reserved for strong and weak attacks, one button is used for guarding, and the last is used for jumping. The guard and jump button can be pressed together to execute a dash move. Super DBZ features both ground-based and air-based fighting. Stages are multi-layered, and you can move between different areas, taking the fight to an area that's more advantageous to your character.