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Summon Night 4

Summon Night 4
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
GenreRole-Playing, Strategy
ReleasedNov 30, 2006

Description :

Another entry in the Summon Night strategy-RPG series. You play as either a male or female character that lives happily in a far-off village, when suddenly a magical child falls from the skies and awakens your summoning powers. The evil empire is after this child, as well as you now, so now you and your friends must unravel the secret behind this incident and escape with your lives. As previous games in the series, SN4 features different endings and plot threads depending on what character you play as, and which magical character you decide to save at the start of the game, as well as what dialogue and combat choices you make at key moments in the game. Using 2D isometric graphics, the game alternates between a world map/town mode in which you talk to NPCs to advance the plot and get items, and a turn-based combat mode in which you position your party in a tile-based map and attempt to defeat your opponents in strategic combat. A new feature for the sequel is a cooking module in which you mix different ingredients to get magical dishes that increase your stats or grant you special spells. Also, depending on your dialogue choices and combat performance supporting characters can now enter the combat area at any time and provide reinforcements, spells and aiding items to your party even if you can't get them to join your party.