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Star Trek: Encounters

Star Trek: Encounters
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
Developer4J Studios
ReleasedOct 3, 2006

Description :

In this arcade-style shooter, players take control of various starships from the five Star Trek television shows (Enterprise, The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager) through three separate gameplay modes: Skirmish Mode – Players can instantly enter single or multiplayer battles without a mission. Ships and abilities unlocked in Episode Mode can be used here. Episode Mode – Players go through missions from the five shows (starting with Enterprise and finishing with Voyager), collecting new ships, and character cards of each generation's command crew, which upgrades their respective ship's capabilities. Mulitiplayer Mode – Players go head to head in combat campaigns to see who can survive the longest in battle. The full arsenal of Trek weapons and abilities can be used for each ship, including phasers, photon/quantum torpedoes, shields, scanners, mines, tractor beams, and transporters.