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Spy vs Spy

Spy vs Spy
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherGlobal Star Software
DeveloperInc., Vicious Cycle Software
GenreAction, Strategy
ReleasedApr 29, 2005

Description :

In this remake of the original Spy vs. Spy, you can play a "storyline game", "modern game", "classic version" (now in 3D) or one of five "multiplayer modes" including online with three other Spies. "Storyline game" for the single player only. Help the Black Spy sabotage the ultimate doomsday gadget. You are not alone as the White Spy and evil minions are out to stop you! "Modern game" is for single or multi-player. Set in a modern era. Beginning from your secret hideout, journey across to the arena, mindful of traps or set your own, as you challenge the other spies to gain the four secret items (needed to complete the stage) on eight different levels. The first level is in a Robot Factory loaded with machines to moving conveyor belts. A great selection of tools: weapons – bazooka, chainsaw, flame thrower to lightening gun; mines – bear trap, banana peel or lector mine; door traps; safe traps; counters – decoys and power ups. "Classic version” plays as one or with three others. Like the original, get the Secret Items hidden somewhere in the numerous safes, locate the exit and board the helicopter to safety. Favorite weapons are back – bucket, time bomb to Essential first aid kit.