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Silpheed: The Lost Planet

Silpheed: The Lost Planet
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherCapcom, Working Designs
DeveloperGame Arts, Treasure
ReleasedApr 27, 2001

Description :

In the distant future, a plague of parasitic monsters is sweeping across the known universe; devouring all the resources in its path — including the distant outposts humanity calls home. The only chance for mankind's survival is a top-secret starship class known as Silpheed and the hyper-skilled pilots at the controls. And so begins the premise of Silpheed: The Lost Planet, a co-development shooting project between Game Arts and Treasure that remakes the early '90s PC shooter of the same name. Features include a large variety of enemy types, multiple weapon upgrades, and polygonal graphics. As an added bonus, Working Designs has removed the slowdown and added analog control for the American version of the game.