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Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
GenreAdventure, Horror
ReleasedSep 24, 2001

Description :

Silent Hill 2 is a horror survival game developed by Konami for the Playstation 2. The previous game, the Silent Hill, and this game are unrelated to each other in the story, but the gameplay will have similarities, even improved. The game has a plot revolving around James Sunderland receiving a letter from his deceased wife’s player. Wanting to discover the secret, he ventured alone to the town on the map right after receiving his wife’s letter. At that moment, his journey began, and he stepped into the worst nightmare he had ever witnessed and wanted to escape immediately. But mysteries of the wife is still there, and he is determined to find the truth even under the risk of both physical and mental dangers.

Silent Hill 2 is a horror survival game that allows players to control the character through a third perspective along with many other camera views. Although this is a third-person game, its control mechanism will be sketchy and tough, not flexible to increase the horror of the game. Almost the whole gameplay causes the player to determine the direction in a dense fog, and find the most appropriate path to proceed the story. Players need to turn James in a certain direction and push the analog forward or backward to move. The player cannot suddenly change direction but must stop to do so. With such a less flexible control mechanism, players will become more scared and nervous whenever entering horror scenes.

Silent Hill is a town full of deformed monsters, and they are a defective product of an experiment. Players will accompany James through such a town, and with limited visibility. However, the game also has some special features that help players know the direction of monsters approaching them. The radio will activate the sound, or James will automatically turn his head in a certain direction in the fog when a monster is nearby. The variety of monsters will accompany a variety of weapons and pharmaceuticals. Interestingly, the game does not support the head-up display, so players need to access the inventory tab to check James’s status or weapons.

The trip through Silent Hill will leave players with many haunting scenes, and the game will use the most appropriate graphics along with sound effects to create the best horror environment for the player.