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Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Shadow Hearts: From the New World
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherXseed Games
ReleasedSep 8, 2006

Description :

After rescuing a kidnapped exorcist in China and battling occult forces in World War I-torn France, Shadow Hearts fans turn their attention to budding romance and supernatural mystery in "the New World." This third game in the series is designed in the same style as earlier Shadow Hearts adventures, with a turn-based "Judgment Ring" battle system and a cast of well-developed characters, both friend and foe. However, the new heroes, setting, and storyline are intended to appeal to Shadow Hearts neophytes as well as veterans. Set in America during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the game places players in the role of Johnny Garland. Johnny is a young man with a rough past who aspires to be a detective. While hunting after an escaped criminal, Johnny witnesses the fleeing man enveloped by a strange, green light, never to be seen again. He soon learns that this disappearance is not an isolated incident, and eventually meets Shania, a Native American bounty hunter who is also investigating the anomalies. Together, the two make their way across the country in search of answers.