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Sega Classics Collection

Sega Classics Collection
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
GenreAction, Racing, Strategy
ReleasedMar 22, 2005

Description :

Nine of the games in the Sega Ages 2500 series were compiled into the Sega Classics Collection compilation for the PlayStation 2, released in North America by Sega in 2005, and in Europe by Conspiracy Entertainment in 2006. The Sega Classics Collection includes: •SEGA AGES 2500 Vol.2: Monaco GP •SEGA AGES 2500 Vol.3: Fantasy Zone •SEGA AGES 2500 Vol.4: Space Harrier •SEGA AGES 2500 Vol.5: Golden Axe •SEGA AGES 2500 Vol.6: Puzzle & Action + Bonanza Bros. •SEGA AGES 2500 Vol.7: Columns •SEGA AGES 2500 Vol.8: V.R. Virtua Racing -FlatOut- •SEGA AGES 2500 Vol.13: OutRun •SEGA AGES 2500 Vol.14: Alien Syndrome