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Rule of Rose

Rule of Rose
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherAtlus/Sony Computer Entertainment
ReleasedSep 12, 2006

Description :

The player explores the game environments looking for restorative items, furthering the plot by accomplishing tasks and experiencing cut-scenes while sporadically encountering enemies and bosses. Early in the game, the player encounters and rescues Brown, Jennifer's pet Labrador Retriever.Brown accompanies Jennifer throughout the game and will respond to the player's commands. Brown can be ordered to track items by scent, be commanded to 'stay' and be called to Jennifer's side. Brown cannot attack enemies, but will growl, which distracts some imps and bosses, allowing Jennifer to retreat or land a few blows without fear of retaliation. He can be injured to the point of collapse, however, causing him to stop distracting enemies or tracking an item.