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Rugby League 2: World Cup Edition

Rugby League 2: World Cup Edition
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherTru Blu Entertainment Pty Ltd
DeveloperSidhe Interactive
ReleasedNov 5, 2008

Description :

Rugby League 2: World Cup Edition is an updated version of Rugby League 2, a rugby league simulation (rugby league is a sport is similar to rugby union, but features set tackles rather than rucks and mauls – once a player is successfully tackled he plays the ball back to a team-mate behind him, with the team losing possession if tackled 6 times.). This game primarily introduces content updates, including new team squad lists and strips and new stadia. There are also two new teams included, Samoa and Gold Coast Titans. There is also a new World Cup mode, replicating the real life tournament. The game retains it's official Super League and NRL licences, the two biggest RL club leagues in the world, allowing official names, players and likenesses to appear. The franchise mode of the previous title is also carried over, allowing the player to run a team for multiple seasons.