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RPM Tuning

RPM Tuning
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherWanadoo Edition
DeveloperBabylon Software
ReleasedNov 19, 2004

Description :

In RPM Tuning you can get behind the wheel and live out numerous driving experiences in the city of Los Angeles while fully customizing your car and adding new elements to it body and mechanics. Drive feely through the streets wherever you want and sail through more than 50 miles of meticulously modeled real-life streets. Test your racing skills in seven different types of driving experiences and participate in five different game modes including two-person multiplayer. Customize trucks, muscle cars, imports, and others while learning the truth about what happened to the love of your life, your car. So get ready to gear up as you tear through the streets, proving you are the best in a race where there is no room for second.