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Rogue Galaxy

Rogue Galaxy
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
ReleasedJan 30, 2007

Description :

At the far edge of the galaxy lies the desert planet of Rosa, home to Jaster, a buccaneering young pirate who dreams of journeying through space. Now, Jaster's dreams are about to come true. One day a huge beast appears in his town on Rosa and begins attacking the locals. Jaster rushes to protect the citizens, but is set upon by further strange creatures. As he fights the beasts, a mysterious man who calls himself Desert Claw appears and aids him in the battle. Unbeknownst to Jaster, two people are watching the fight; Simon and Steve, the subordinates of the Space Pirate Dorgengoa. Simon and Steve are so impressed with Jaster’s skills that they offer him a chance to join Dorgengoa’s band. Jaster accepts their offer and, as he joins the crew of the space galleon Dorgenark, he embarks on a voyage across the solar system. It promises to be a quest to discover new worlds and to solve an epic mystery that holds the key to the greatest treasure in the Galaxy…