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Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherTHQ Inc.
DeveloperPacific Coast Power & Light
ReleasedSep 14, 2004

Description :

The rangers pilot their Zords in various missions to save the world from Zeltrax. Players take control of one of three Zords, Red TyrannoZord, Blue TriceraZord, or Yellow PteraZord in order to free the captive DinoZords (Violet CephalaZord, Green ParasaurZord, and Cyan DimetroZord), escort the Black BrachioZord to various warp points, and destroy alien weapon facilities. Also by collecting morphers, eggs, and crystal icons, players can unlock the zords from Power Rangers Wild Force and Power Rangers Ninja Storm as playable characters.