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Pink Pong

Pink Pong
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
Publisher505 Game Street
ReleasedFeb 25, 2005

Description :

Pink Pong is a straightforward 3D table tennis game featuring an all-female cast. Gameplay is simple; the face buttons execute different shot types, while the stick moves the player left and right. It is also possible to use the shoulder buttons to execute special moves, but these must be allowed to recharge after use. The game features four different game modes. The main attraction is the Dramatic mode, in which the player selects a character and plays through a single-player story against a series of opponents. Additional costumes, items, and characters can be unlocked through this mode. There is also a Versus mode for two players, and a Free mode where the player can play a single match against the computer. There is also a Practice mode with multiple options. The game features 13 total characters, including unlockables, as well as dozens of costumes and items to collect. There is also a View mode where the player can dress any character up in any of the available outfits and watch their animations, as well as listen to voice clips and read character bios.