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Mortal Kombat: Deception: Premium Pack

Mortal Kombat: Deception: Premium Pack
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherInc., Midway Games
DeveloperMidway Entertainment
ReleasedOct 6, 2004

Description :

Mortal Kombat: Deception is the second next-generation Mortal Kombat game, and the twelfth in the series. Raiden, the god of thunder, is the only fighter left standing between Shang Tsung and his takeover of Earthrealm. In a final battle, Raiden fights Shang Tsung and Quan Chi, the two founders of the Deadly Alliance. When it seems that Raiden is about to finish off the two enemies, they rebound and he is defeated. With a zest for power and suspicion arising, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi then turn on each other, wanting Earthrealm for themselves. When it appears that Quan Chi is victorious, the true ruler of Outworld returns, The Dragon King. Quan Chi attacks The Dragon King, but is not powerful enough. Shang Tsung, recovering from the battle, joins in, but they still cannot defeat The Dragon King. Finally, putting thoughts of battle aside, Raiden awakens, and a new alliance forms between the three of them. The combined powers of all three still cannot defeat The Dragon King. Raiden sacrifices himself, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi to kill the Dragon King, but his sacrifice is in vain, and The Dragon King only becomes more powerful. Deception has the standard Arcade mode, which takes you up a ladder of increasingly difficult enemies. Introduced in last year's game, Konquest has returned, although it is much different. Instead of following a set path, you are now free to roam multiple areas, like an RPG. You may perform tasks for people in between learning new techniques. Konquest mode is a third-person game, which can almost be called a game by itself. There are two new game modes, Chess Kombat and Puzzle Kombat. Chess Kombat is a standard game of chess, using fighters as pieces. You move around like normal, and whenever two pieces meet, they jump into an arcade mode battle. The winner of the fight takes the square. Once the Leader (King) has been captured, game over. Puzzle Kombat is a variation of Tetris and Dr. Mario. You must rotate falling blocks, and place them in patterns. You then get a special block which, when placed on top of the same color block, will destroy all the pieces, causing your opponent's board to fill up faster. There are over twelve characters to choose from, including series favorites like Sub Zero and Scorpion. There are characters from returing games, such as Mileena and Baraka, as well as hidden and unlockable characters, like Ermac, Noob Saibot and Smoke. The Krypt is back, and again it allows you to open crypts, which contain goodies and unlockables, using koins earned by playing Arcade, Chess and Konquest mode. There are a variety of different arenas to fight in, and some of them are interactive. Some environments allow you to throw enemies down to different levels, like Dead or Alive. New to Deception are arenas that have death traps. If you can knock an opponent off the stage in one of these arenas, they'll instantly die, no matter whose winning. Some death traps include a meat grinder, a molten machine, and the classic Pit stage reinvented. The Kollector's Edition features a bonus disc that has an arcade perfect version of Mortal Kombat, the game that started it all. The bonus disc also includes video biographies of all characters, as well as a lot of historical information.