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Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherElectronic Arts
DeveloperEA Los Angeles
ReleasedNov 11, 2003

Description :

The game starts at Pearl Harbor where corporal Joseph 'Joe' Griffin wakes up in his bunk on the USS California (BB-44) during the attack. Joe then makes his way to the topside and aids in shooting down Japanese planes. A few minutes later, he is blown from the ship and lands in the water, where a PT boat carrying Jack 'Gunny' Lawton, Frank Spinneli, and Silas Whitfield. Joe then shoots down more planes and also aids the USS Nevada (BB-36) to escape the harbor. Joe is then sent to the Philippines to destroy a bridge, and he meets his brother Donnie. Donnie is unable to escape the islands because his tank was overwhelmed by Japanese troops, forcing Joe to leave without him. Joe then goes to Guadalcanal at night to take over an airbase. Days later, the airfield is still taking heavy artillery fire, so Gunny assigns Joe and two other marines to destroy the artillery nicknamed 'Pistol Pete'. On the way Joe meets Edmund Harrison, a demolitions expert, and the real life Scottish guerilla fighter Martin Clemens. After this mission, Joe is promoted to Sergeant and recruited into the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). You can play through the campaign with a friend in splitscreen.