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Maximo: Ghosts to Glory

Maximo: Ghosts to Glory
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
GenreAction, Adventure

Description :

Oh, what a knight! So much glory, so little time… Can't a noble knight go away to war without having all hell break loose back home? Not this time. You control the fate of the gallant Maximo, who returns home to find his kingdom in shambles. Your once trusted advisor, Achille has wrought evil on the land. Not only is the countryside filled with hoards of the roaming undead, but the four wise Sorceresses have been imprisoned at the four corners of the kingdom. To make matters worse, your girlfriend, Princess Sophia, has been forced to marry the scoundrel Achille. Talk about your bad days! Help Maximo rescue the Sorceresses, restore good to the kingdom, whup Achille’s butt, and, while you're at it…get your girl back! Maximo is reminiscent of many of the old Capcom 2D platform games such as Ghouls n Ghosts, but the concept is revamped for the PS2 and done in crisp 3D graphics. The game is full of dynamic environments and tons of undead soldiers. The classic pick-up-and-play gameplay and stunning graphic sheen powered by the PlayStation 2 make Maximo a hero for the ages.