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Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherSquare Enix
DeveloperSquare Enix
GenreAction, Role-Playing

Description :

Kingdom Heart series is one of the most significant success comes from the combination of Square Enix and Disney. And today, I will introduce you to the second part of the series, entitled Kingdom Heart II, which is a sequel to the first game. The inner world of Kingdom Heart II will be a vast fantasy world, with the appearance of famous Disney characters, and that makes the gameplay of the game more awesome. Moreover, the game will still retain something from the first game, such as gameplay, features, and characters. And this game was released only for Playstation consoles exclusively.

Kingdom Heart II is an action role-playing game set in a vast fantasy world. Its gameplay is similar to RPG action and a hack and slashes gameplay from the series’ first game. Players will control Sora, the main character in the story this time, through a third perspective to fight or solve puzzles, while performing countless mini-games scattered throughout the world. Similar to other role-playing games, Kingdom Heart II introduces the experience points system, which allows players to upgrade Sora in different directions. The variety of skills and power is key for players to fight stronger monsters along the way. Also, the game will appear more other features to make its gameplay better than ever.

The plot of Kingdom Heart II will revolve around Sora and his journey, and along the way, he will meet countless different characters in the Disney universe. Besides, the famous bad guys in Disney will also be introduced in this game, and they are considered as the boss of the game that players must overcome. The gameplay of the game mainly focuses on the real-time hack and slash elements to give players the best experience with the RPG genre. Players will have to combine with the attack, and special skills to overcome challenges, and also have to know to avoid and move to eliminate traps or attacks of bosses. The variety of combat styles is one of the special features introduced in this game, and it allows players to create different fighting styles while experiencing the game.

Kingdom Heart series is famous for what the game gives players, new features, surprises, and even new experiences. In the story of Sora will appear more new features, while allowing the player to use his true strength to fight. Players can freely explore the world, or complete the side missions scattered everywhere. This game has no limits on creativity, and thereby creating a lot of sensation, experience, and emotion for the player with its story and gameplay.