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Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
GenreAction, Adventure, Platform, Role-Playing
ReleasedSep 16, 2002

Description :

Kingdom Heart is an action role-playing game developed by Square Enix. This game can be seen as the beginning of a collaboration between Square Enix and Disney. Yes, this game will feature famous Disney characters, along with the iconic villains inside the Disney universe. The game will have a plot revolving around Sora, along with the journey through many different universes of Disney, Square Enix, and Pixar. The interesting thing is this is the first game of the series to be introduced on the Playstation 2.

The gameplay of the game is developed from its parent series, it’s Final Fantasy, so its gameplay will be similarities, even improved. The core element of the game is action-based, combined with the hack and slash system, from which the game develops more variations and has in-depth content and details for players. The player’s battle squad will consist of three unique characters, Sora, Donald, and Goofy from the Disney universe. But players can only control Sora, and guide him through many challenges, puzzles, and battles, while the remaining characters are computer-controlled. Players now not only fight alone but will also receive much support from these two lovely friends.

The gameplay will also introduce many special systems, and it will develop based on the progress of the plot. Players can upgrade, change the fighting style of Donald and Goofy, or change the skills used in combat. Sora will also possess a special ability that can affect throughout the game, even if it is the key to manifesting Sora’s power. During the journey, players will encounter some villains also from the Disney universe. Through some cutscenes and dialogue, players will be revealed about the plots of the villains, even behind everything. Of course, the game will also have countless surprises for players, and bringing many new emotions and experiences for the players with the action-adventure genre.

The plot of Kingdom Heart will bring players everywhere through many different universes of Disney. The game will also introduce a vehicle called the Gummi Ship, which will help users navigate between universes. Even Gummi Ship will play an important role in the story and is the essential thing to help players complete the plot. The game has many things for players to explore and experience, and there is no doubt that it will give players the best experience that other games cannot.