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King of Fighters 2000/2001

King of Fighters 2000/2001
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherSNK NeoGeo
DeveloperEolith, SNK Playmore
ReleasedDec 9, 2003

Description :

A double-pack of the two hardcore fighting games from SNK, King Of Fighters 00/01 features all of the tight gameplay and characters (35+ in KoF 2000, over 40 in KoF 2001) of the arcade hits. New features to the home versions include redesigned character select and menu screens, a new continue system that allows players to handicap the CPU fighters as they progress through the game, an auto-save feature, intro movies from these and other previous King of Fighters games, and special new Strikers not seen in the original games or any other versions of these titles. Game modes including Team Play, Party Mode, and even 4-on-4 bouts (KoF 2001 only for 4-on-4) provide hours of gameplay in these classic 2D fighting games.