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K-1 Premium Dynamite!!

K-1 Premium Dynamite!!
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherD3 Publisher
DeveloperD3 Publisher
ReleasedDec 22, 2004

Description :

20 real K-1 Figthers gather together for the 1st time to start the most exciting turnament ever. Learn more about K-1 combat with all the lastest rules such as: K-1, ROMANEX and Mix. A definite mix of fighting action and strategy both for core figthing fans and beginners. 4 Main game mode (Battle Mode, Super Fight mode, Challenge Mode and Pratice Mode) guarantee several hours of non-stop figthing against A.I skilled CPU or versus a player controlled opponent. The Record Room allows players to train to perform special techniques and learn how to control the body balance. Hidden characters can be discovered by achieving particular results in the ROMANEX and K-1 figthing mode. FEATURES: – 20 characthers plus special hidden characthers to unlock by completing the game. – 3D models, each one created using 5.000 to 8.000 polygons. – Over 1.000 different motions catpured using real official figthers. – 60 Frame / seconds action for a super smooth and real experience. – Special effects such as sweat and shading. Dynamic damage system in case of being hit with strenght.