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Initial D: Special Stage

Initial D: Special Stage
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
DeveloperSega Rosso
ReleasedJun 26, 2003

Description :

Initial D: Special Stage for PS2 is an enhanced port of the arcade game Intial D : Arcade Stage (ver2). There are two modes present in the game. The "Arcade Mode", as its name suggests, is a direct port of the arcade game, where the player chooses a car from a list of Japan's most famous drift machines, and hits the streets challenging characters out of the manga. The objective here is to simply beat every one of the characters to become the number one driver. As players go along, they collect points, which can be used to upgrade the car. The second mode, "Story Mode", allows the player to control Takumi, the protagonist of the series. In this mode, there are a number of missions the player must complete. These missions are modeled after the events of the manga and anime series. Most of the missions involve racing characters from the manga, in the same order that Takumi raced them in the original work.