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Hamster Heroes

Hamster Heroes
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherMetro3D Europe Ltd.
DeveloperData Design Interactive Ltd
ReleasedJun 23, 2006

Description :

Hamster Heroes is an action game based around controlling a hamster encapsulated in a ball rolling through environments similar to the concept of the Super Monkey Ball games. It builds on the concept of the earlier Habitrail Hamster Ball by the same developer and with very similar mechanics. The player steers a hamster through environments floating in the sky with small ledges and platforms to reach the exit without falling off. The game has a large amount of levels as small courses to complete and then move on, unlocking the next one. Levels can be played in a 'normal' mode or in a 'time attack' mode. Moving forward without interruption builds up a speed meter and causes the hamster to go faster. The game supports local multiplayer games through split-screen for up four players racing each other on the same course.