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Habitrail Hamster Ball

Habitrail Hamster Ball
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherPhoenix Games B.V.
DeveloperData Design Interactive Ltd
ReleasedDec 16, 2004

Description :

Habitrail Hamster Ball is an action game based around controlling a hamster encapsulated in a ball rolling through environments such as a castle or a children's playroom with platforms, small ledges and obstacles. There are two difficulty levels and two game modes: a 'normal' mode and a 'time attack' mode. A level is completed by rolling between finish posts. Moving forward without interruption builds up a speed meter and causes the hamster to go faster. The game supports local multiplayer games through split-screen for up four players racing each other on the same course. The game carries the license of Habitrail hamster products and show general information about hamster and taking care of them in the opening screens. The main menu also has a hamster care guide.