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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherRockstar Games
DeveloperRockstar Leeds
GenreAction, Adventure, Racing
ReleasedMar 5, 2007

Description :

Grand Theft Auto is an open-world adventure game series that uses elements of violence from underground organizations to develop the plot and gameplay. It is similar to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and it uses Mafia activities to develop the game. GTA: Vice City is a game released after the appearance of GTA: III,but their story is not relevant. At the same time, these two games use the same graphics engine and are also one of the first GTA games to use 3D graphics to give players great gameplay and experiences.

GTA: Vice City has a plot revolving around the Mafia guy named Tommy Vercetti, after a stand-off mission, he vows to take revenge even if he faces a large organization. The player will control Tommy through the third perspective, and accompany him to explore the vast city with hidden secrets. GTA: Vice City is an open-world adventure game, and it used the US coastal city since the 1980s to build its surroundings. Because of that, players on the road will recognize the fashion, media, and the style of NPC are familiar. The game has no limits on the players, so they can use cheats, weapons, vehicles, to destroy the city or on missions.

The massive mission system is one of the most interesting features of GTA. Almost all the games in that series use story-based gameplay to convey the plot and its happenings. To receive the mission, the player must control Tommy to specially marked locations on the mini-map. The game will also feature a general map for players to explore the city. The variety of weapons is a feature of the GTA series, players can carry multiple weapons at once, along with unlimited ammo. However, players will still be pursued by the rules of the city if there is an accident or shooting.

GTA: Vice City has a plot built from the activities of the Mafia so that players will experience the underground missions, along with the usual activities in an organization. Players will also have to engage in intense shooting and dramatic scenes to complete the mission, despite the pursuit of the police or enemies from other organizations. The game has a massive storyline, along with a large city for players to explore and entertain. If you are looking for open-world gameplay, GTA: Vice City will be a perfect choice.