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Fighting Angels

Fighting Angels
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
Publisher505 Game Street
DeveloperTamsoft Corporation
ReleasedJun 24, 2004

Description :

Fighting Angels is a story-less 3D fighting game featuring an all-female cast. The game is a 1-on-1 fighting game with minor wrestling influences: players can freely move in all directions around the arena, the ropes surrounding the arena can be incorporated into the fighting, and there is ground-based grappling much like in wrestling. Each character has four attacks — weak and strong punches and kicks — which have three variations each. Besides normal attacks, there are so-called "Sexy Attack", which are weaker than normal attacks but are much flashier and will build the character's "Sexy Gauge". There are also "Plain Attack", which are more traditional but drain the Sexy Gauge. If a character's Sexy Gauge is full, they'll have a chance to use a super-powerful Sexy Combo Attack, which is often powerful enough to completely drain the opponent's health. It is also possible to block and use a basic grab move, as well as pick up objects around the arena to use as weapons. The game includes a number of different modes. The main single-player mode is tournament mode, in which the player chooses a character and tries to defeat each computer opponent in order. There is also a standard versus mode for one or two players, a survival mode, and a practice mode. As is the standard for Tamsoft's Simple 2000 sports games, there is also a view mode where the player can dress and of the characters in any unlocked outfit and watch their animations from any angle.