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F1 Racing Championship

F1 Racing Championship
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherLtd., Video System Co.
DeveloperUbi Soft Paris Studios
ReleasedMar 22, 2001

Description :

F1 Racing Championship is the third Ubi Soft F1 racing simulation game, published with the FIA license by Video System. It features official tracks, drivers and cars of the 1999 F1 season. The game is based on a new engine bringing a real technological step compared to the two first titles (F1 Racing Simulation and Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2). Available game modes are Single Race, Grand Prix, Championship, Private Trials and Time Attack. The tracks were modelled in 3D from GPS data sampled on the real roads. There are realistic physics, a telemetry system to analyse behaviour of your car and to tune its settings, complex driving AI, recordable replays, strategy management with animated pit sequences, weather simulation, and LAN support for multiplayer games.