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Dynasty Warriors 5

Dynasty Warriors 5
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
DeveloperOmega Force
ReleasedMar 29, 2005

Description :

The series returns for yet another iteration removing majority of the features included in Empires and Xtreme Legends. The setting is again ancient China. This time there are 48 different characters to choose from in Musou mode. Majority of the 48 characters have to be unlocked and only 6 new characters have been added to the series. Each character has has/her own storyline. There are more guys to square up against on screen then any previous game in the series. The game uses the same graphics engine as the previous game also. Changed for this edition, is the bodyguards, they now do a better job of protecting you against the many enemies you encounter. The stronghold system from Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires has been carried over. This is the ability to taking over an enemies base by killing the leader of the particular base.