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DOA2: Hardcore

DOA2: Hardcore
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
DeveloperTeam Ninja

Description :

Sit down, shut up and play. This is real fighting action – Sexy and edgy. It's Hardcore for sure! Let the fighters of Dead or Alive 2 take you to places you've only dreamed of. But don't get too close to these beauties because they're capable of turning on you in an instant, leaving you battered, bruised and asking for more. Drool over lush backgrounds meticulously detailed with the most advanced techniques in lighting and texturing ever seen. Exclusive multi-tiered fighting stages let you toss your opponents through cathedral windows, over cascading waterfalls, and off towering rooftops to continue the fight below. But the action doesn't stop there. Enter Tag-Battle mode where up to four players can engage in two-on-two bouts using vicious combos and mind-blowing special moves. Experience the most responsive and realistic fighting action ever developed as you compete for the Dead or Alive 2 World Combat Championship. You've been warned… Think you're hardcore enough to play? *Special cinema modes reveal the lives of the characters *Amazing NEW multi-tiered fighting stages *Visually stunning characters and graphics *Reversals, combos and character taunts *English and Japanese voice options *10 exciting modes of play *User Profile System: allows you to record your battles *Special Battle Record Mode: Reverse-replay, pause and change the viewing angle *Furiously paced two-on-two Tag-Battle mode *Unlock hidden characters, costumes and exclusive "HARDCORE" secrets