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Death by Degrees

Death by Degrees
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
GenreAction, Adventure, Fighting
ReleasedJan 27, 2005

Description :

Nina Williams, world-renowned assassin, has been hired by the CIA and MI6 to join a team which is attempting to infiltrate "Kometa," a notorious criminal organization. The team's strategy involves gaining access to the target through a fighting tournament being held on the "Amphitrite," a luxury cruise ship owned and operated by Kometa. The game's most remarkable feature is the ability to allow Nina to use her martial arts skills to break the bones of her enemies through use of carefully aimed attacks. These attacks do more damage to the enemy and show the player the damage being inflicted on the opponent's skeletal structure. Strangely, this does little to actually disable opponents, as they often continue to use limbs that have been literally shattered, as well as survive blows to the head that would cause the skull to practically explode, without even losing consciousness. Once the game is completed, "Anna Mode" will be unlocked, offering the player the ability to play as Nina's younger sibling, Anna. Various outfits can be unlocked throughout the game, which include a bikini, cocktail dress, purple jumpsuit, black and silver stealth suit. Playing the game a second time causes LCD crates throughout the game to contain infinite supplies of certain weapons, such as infinite katana and infinite rail-gun. After completing the game twice, the wrestling costume as seen in the opening FMV is also unlocked. A third clear game file additionally unlocks "Tekken 2 Nina", which instead of an outfit is actually a different facial and bodily construction, exactly as she appears in the Tekken title, in low resolution.