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Dance Dance Revolution X

Dance Dance Revolution X
ConsoleSony PlayStation 2
PublisherCodemasters, Konami
DeveloperKonami, Swordfish Studios
GenreMusic, Sports
ReleasedSep 16, 2008

Description :

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the hottest revolution and bestselling dance video game! Brand new to the PS2 DanceDanceRevolution X explodes onto the dance floor with enhanced graphics, fun interactive gameplay, an incredible song selection and innovative new game modes. Awesome new soundtrack packed with over 70 songs. New mixes provide "continuous DJ mixes" of multiple songs. The ultimate club experience. Brand new LAN Battle Mode will let up to 8 players battle simultaneously through the LAN lines on their PS2. Experience the unique story lines of over 10 DanceDanceRevolution X characters in Street Master Mode. Create your own workout and fitness program through an enhanced Workout Mode. New DDR characters and enhanced graphics. Utilize the Eye Toy camera to implement yourself into the game.